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Welcome! Have you lost your inner fire?
Our mission is to help women THRIVE.
Join us to transform your life!



Margaret and Page are passionate about helping women just like you who are outwardly content and "on top of it" while inwardly craving the courage to make some BIG life changes.

  • Are you exhausted, depleted and tired of being so freaking busy?

  • Does your to-do list wake up before you do and your needs aren't even on the list?

  • Is your self-worth tied to you doing "enough"?

  • Does your inner monologue say things like "you can't do it", "you're not good enough"?

  • Are you done tearing yourself down with the crappy self-talk and ready to build yourself up?

We help women kick their bitchy inner critics to the curb and claim their

self-worth based on who they ARE, not what they DO!

When you get clear on what you want, tap into your courage and connect to your inner wisdom you CAN have better relationships, more fulfillment, more confidence and a vibrant life! 

THRIVE (verb): to become happy or healthy; to grow or flourish; to be kickass


means discovering what lights you up, clarifying your personal values and figuring out what is a HELL YES or HELL NO.


means slowing down to savor the present, connecting to your wise intuitive self and connecting to your values.


means saying NO to others, saying YES to yourself, speaking your truth and creating boundaries.


It's your time to Thrive!

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