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Rave Reviews

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"I got my wife back!" - husband of participant

Heather Medford OR_edited.jpg


Medford, OR

With Margaret and Page’s skilled and loving guidance, I remembered the importance of loving myself and resting in that love; that anything is possible if I listen to my amazing heart, which holds all of the answers I need. 

My biggest take-away from 31 Flavors of Fun...that fun doesn’t need to be epic to be impactful! I am grateful for this safe, loving and sweet space that Margaret and Page created for us.

Char Tucson AZ_edited.jpg


Tucson, AZ

Founder, Woman Within International

Like a breath of fresh air, Margaret and Page lead you on a journey to discover how to better nurture yourself. They create safety and a sacred space.


It was an energizing and enlightening experience.

Adrianna London UK_edited.jpg


London, UK

I want others to know that you are worth investing the time and money to do this workshop as it will make you aware of how important it is to take time to nurture yourself.  You were both great at helping me realise that I deserve to nurture myself and there is nothing wrong with taking the time for ME.

Rhonda Boulder CO_edited.jpg


Boulder, CO

While I was nervous, not knowing anyone (except Margaret), and not knowing what to expect, I went in with an open mind to receive and share what I could. Harvesting Gratitude far exceeded my expectations! It was 3 hours to take time for myself, tapping into issues surrounding the holidays and collecting gratitude to carry me through the season and beyond.

Carolyn Coyne Los Angeles CA_edited.jpg


Los Angeles, CA

Nurture Your Sweet Self was like a fresh haircut, cleaning up the split ends, leaving me feeling refreshed and vibrant, with the benefit of clear actions I can take to practice daily nurturing.  Margaret and Page created a light hearted, yet safe and loving virtual space for the workshop.

Michelle Carlsbad CA_edited.jpg


Carlsbad, CA

Michelle Bowen Photography*

I absolutely loved Nurture Your Sweet Self! Page and Margaret are amazing at holding space for you. There were a lot of takeaways that I can apply to my daily life and they also helped me recognize where I may be a little stagnant and where I can invite in more nurturing for myself. If you are on the fence about taking one of their workshops… just do it! You will find a beautiful gift for yourself on the other side. :)

* our awesome photographer!

IMG_7710 2_edited.jpg


San Diego, CA

Page & Margaret are the best - any workshop with them is a delight. They focus on creating value for every attendee, resulting in a personalized and intimate experience.

Definitely recommend treating yourself to spending time with them. 

Debbie Capetown South Africa_edited.jpg


Capetown, South Africa

Page and Margaret are skilled facilitators who held the space with such love and integrity. I discovered that nurturing myself and finding time for myself is not just a luxury, but actually a necessity in order for me to connect to my inner purpose and source. I left feeling more connected, more spacious, and have a plan to put in place for self-nurturing!"

Heather Victoria BC Canada_edited.jpg


Victoria, BC, Canada

Yoga Lab Victoria

Thank you for the moving experience (Harvesting Gratitude). It was intimate even though virtual. The outcome was clear intentions for my holidays and I now feel inspired and grounded.



Arroyo Grande, CA

From Journey to Legacy

You both created a safe and loving space to connect with other women, to reinforce the importance of nurturing and to inspire me to be more committed to nurturing myself on a regular basis.

Tanesha Las Vegas NV_edited.jpg


Las Vegas, NV

I had never participated in any type of women's circle. I was not sure what to expect when I signed up for my first event. Margaret and Page are so welcoming. They created a safe, warm experience that allowed me to finally understand how to focus on my inner thoughts, reflect on my deep emotions and direct my actions forward in life to attain my goals!! Truly a life changing experience!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


I am reminded that I need time to fill my tank. It makes me a better person and is not selfish. I identified a mantra for myself  "A truly full self allows me to share even more to others!"

Barb Denver CO_edited.jpg


Denver, CO

Margaret and Page are extremely skilled in their facilitation and the experience filled me up with space, grace and love for myself and the other beautiful women on the call.


We all need MORE of this. Thank you!

Bri Kastner Stratton CO_edited.jpg


Stratton, CO

Bri Hill Creative

There is so much talk about self care but I didn’t even know what that looked like for me. This workshop was like a drink of water for my soul.  I learned so much about myself and gave myself permission to nurture ME. I highly recommend it if you are feeling like you are your last priority.

Penny Beninger San Diego CA_edited.jpg


San Diego, CA

I have a serious nature.  I found out that I play a lot!  It hadn’t occurred to me that I can be serious and playful at the same time.  Does that mean I’m seriously playful???

Margaret and Page are so authentic, so real. They created a workshop where I was able to get vulnerable quickly. They helped me see that curiosity is a pathway to play…and I have lots of curiosity – and so do they!!

Stephanie Victoria BC_edited.jpg


Victoria, BC, Canada

Thanks again for the amazing workshop. We all have so much internal wisdom if we allow ourselves to tune into it. These Circles are very nurturing in and of themselves because they allow you to carve out some space for yourself and tune into your own needs. It's also really cool to connect with women from all over!

Nessrine Photo_edited.jpg


London, UK

Thank you both for the lovely heartfelt time together. Just what the Dr ordered!



Nosara, Costa Rica

I was so happy to see Margaret and Page offer a workshop on reconnecting with FUN. By the end of the workshop, I felt keenly aware of the way fun felt as a kid, and confident in my capacity to access the feeling whenever I want. I've been happily surprised by the number of aftershocks it has offered. Weeks later, I keep tapping into opportunities for fun.


Grab every opportunity for these wise women to influence the way you move through the world; time with Thrive will slow you down, light you up, and illuminate the path toward your self discovery.

jeanine and allison marckIMG_2426_edited.jpg


Houston, TX

I am glad I gave myself the gift of this workshop to focus on how blessed I am in my life. I feel positive and I am in a delightful holiday spirit. It was a gift to me!



Boulder, CO

Mindful Nutrition

There is something powerful about being in the presence of like-minded women and setting intention together that makes the sum greater than the individual parts.

As facilitators, Margaret and Page are both present and engaging. They create an environment that cultivates group connection and fosters individual growth.



Arlington, VA

Carving out the time to have someone guide me through thinking about myself was really beneficial and necessary. I struggle to do that for myself every day, but this session helped me to learn how to do that in small, manageable ways.

This was a great balm to help reset me.

Margaret and Page created a really welcoming and positive space where I felt safe to be honest with myself and others. I don’t think that is easy over Zoom. They are clearly skilled coaches and their genuine passion for guiding women is evident and contagious.

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