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About Us


Margaret and Page are your guides, facilitators and coaches for Thrive programs


We both know what it’s like to feel and think we are not enough. This lack of Enoughness can be super debilitating and show up in a bunch of sneaky ways:


  • A bitchy inner critic who is downright rude and self-defeating

  • Staying BUSY and overcommitted all the time 

  • Perfectionism that just won’t give you a break

  • Icky games of compare and despair where you never measure up

  • Being SuperWoman or SuperMom and showing up for everyone but YOU


As a competitive swimmer for years, my whole identity was centered around being an athlete. Swimming gave me many gifts and it was also a way to numb out from emotional pain by focusing on outward success. I learned from a young age to measure myself against others and to “look good” on the outside while burying my emotions. My inner critic developed into a constant mean companion! By the age of 19, I was done running from my feelings, did my first personal growth workshop to begin healing past traumas and I've been on a path of transformation ever since.


I am a healing light

that connects women to themselves,

to others and to the divine. 

My leadership experience includes building the Woman Within Colorado community since 2001, facilitating women’s empowerment circles, raising 2 teenagers (!) and coaching both individual and corporate clients. 

I am passionate about helping you kick YOUR

inner critics to the curb! 

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I learned early on that being a chameleon to connect with others was a super useful skill, however, it left me disconnected and searching for my authentic self. I also bought into the societal idea that to be worthy and “enough” meant to be accomplishing things on the never ending “to do list.” This crappy belief kept me on a Treadmill of Busy. Today, I continue to find my authentic voice and to choose what’s most important so I can shine brightly.


I am passionate about creating safe places

for people to be seen and heard.

My leadership experience includes: teen diversity camps, personal development programs with Wings Seminars and I have facilitated over 55 Woman Within Weekends.

I am committed to helping you discover what truly lights you up!

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As you can see, we’ve walked through and continue to explore, embrace and celebrate our Enoughness.

If any of this resonates, then know you are in

good company with us.


Join us in owning YOUR Enoughness!

The story of us:

We’ve been besties for over the past 20+ years and maintained a powerful connection nurtured despite time zones and distance. For many years, we’ve had a dream of working together.  That dream became a reality in 2020.  As a team, we know we could make a big difference in the lives of women.

The combination of Margaret and Page brings a depth of experience in helping women heal wounds, transform destructive narratives, empower themselves to speak the truth, hold strong boundaries and connect to their inner knowing instead of letting society define them.

Professional deets:

  • Leaders in Woman Within International for 23+ years each.

  • Certified Co-Active Coaches through CTI.

Fun deets:

  • Margaret's ideal Saturday: skiing the trees with my husband and 2 teenagers or sitting in stillness on my favorite meditation rock.

  • Page's ideal Saturday: catching a morning sunrise on my porch swing with coffee, golfing, enjoying a delish dinner by chef hubby.

  • Both: Yoginis, expert silly face makers, ran the Rock-n-Roll marathon together in 2000, LOVE a good cup of Joe.

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Dive in to discover your own 

inner wisdom and truth.


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