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Join Us!

How psyched would you be to connect with other women

searching for their inner fire?


THIS is what the circle provides.


Our workshops are tailored for women looking for MORE fulfillment in their lives.


Are you craving any of these???

  • Clarity about what you want in life: your values, purpose and your hell-yeses. 

  • Courage to be your badass self and hand back the perfect ideas of “who you should be” to your family, society, your daily horoscope.

  • Connection to your inner wisdom, the part of you that is wicked smart and knows what’s really true for you!

  • Community with fabulous women like you so you can finally stop doing it alone.

  • Commitment (FINALLY!) to your own self-care and nourishment.

"Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.
Read that again."

~ Laurie Buchanan

When you have the COURAGE to get real about what’s not working and make changes -

life can feel pretty expansive.

The reality is… no one else is responsible for creating the life you are living.

And that’s the great news! You get to choose. We’re here to help.

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(We promise to keep your info to ourselves)

The foundation for our workshops and retreats is the circle. We create a safe container for sacred, vulnerable and transformative experiences by setting clear intentions, sharing and reflecting without judgement, and daring to show up authentically (no BS).

Our space connects you to your truth, your wisdom AND the power

of the collective in order to create the life you really want.


Come alone, bring a friend, or invite us to work with your existing circle | team | family . . .

Holiday Season 101- Shift from Survive to Thrive!

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Are the holidays just too damn much? Exciting or exhausting? Busy or spacious? Get clear about what's most important for this holiday season so that you can actually enjoy it!  

Fri Dec 2nd

90 minutes on Zoom

Winter Solstice Yoga

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Ushering in the light again and acknowledging what is made visible in the darkness brings wisdom and grace. Reconnect with your spirit during this potent time of year. Let’s mindfully move into the light together!

Dec 11th 2022
Boulder, CO

Sunday 12/11/22
4:00-6:30 PM
Email for details!

Our Signature 4 week Thrive Program


Is something missing in your life and you're not sure what? Tired of living in a state of overwhelm? 

Connect with intentions that fill your soul.  A 4 week intensive to help you in clarify your desires, connect to yourself and other powerful women, and cultivate the courage to turn your dreams into action.

Upcoming 2023

4 weeks - 90 minute sessions

Nurture Your Sweet Self

Woman Meditating_edited.jpg

Put down your to-do list for a hot minute to focus on YOU. Learn what your personal vision of self-care looks and feels like. Breathe in the love you need to keep showing up as the fabulous woman you are. It’s like a massage for your soul!


3 hours

31 Flavors of FUN

Summer Fun

FUN is key to enjoying your one precious life.  You may have forgotten how to giggle, feel a little too responsible or depleted by ALL THE THINGS.  Join us and skip away with an inspiring list of fun ideas. Reconnect with your inner joy.


3 hours

Harvesting Gratitude

harvesting gratitude.jpg

Connect with the transformational power of gratitude. Join us to explore what you are truly grateful for and how to weave it all into your life. Fill your cup and leave feeling refreshed and inspired!


3 hours


Does any of this jump off the page because you resonate deeply with a desire to get clear, make shifts and own your Enoughness?

Are you excited and ready to dive in immediately and work with us 1-1? Great news! 

We offer individual programs for women who want to grow and evolve in a deeper way.

Reach out to learn more about our individual coaching programs that are designed to take you further than you could imagine on your own.

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